"American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest was caught Sunday making awkward comments to pop star Katy Perry on live TV. 

What: When the singing competition returned from break, a camera found Seacrest leaning against the judges' table. "Your mom's pretty," he told Perry. 

"My mom?!" Perry asked, grinning at the audience. "Well, I hope the apple doesn't fall from the tree."

"You are too. But you're not a mom yet," Seacrest said in a low voice, glancing toward the camera. 

It was unclear when during the interaction the seasoned host realized the cameras were running. The Cut suggested he must have known, whereas The Independent thought otherwise.

Why: Regardless, many viewers thought Seacrest's remarks were inappropriate or "creepy."

The #Metoo movement has exposed famous and powerful men to allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault. In February, Seacrest was accused by E! stylist Suzie Hardy of repeatedly harassing and groping her. He denied the allegations, and both E! and ABC stood by Seacrest. 

Some have ​worried that the movement will -- or already has -- gone too far in policing male-female relations. But very few have so far come to Seacrest's defense. 


Here is a transcript of the uncomfortable, smiling exchange between Seacrest and Perry. 

Perry: "We're on." 

Seacrest: "Your mom's pretty."

Perry: "My mom?! Well, I hope the apple doesn't fall from the tree."

Seacrest: "It doesn't. It doesn't. You are too. But you're not a mom yet."

Perry: "Not yet."

Seacrest: “Wanna talk about it?”

Perry: "What? Stop. Are we live?

Seacrest: "I think we're back."

Perry: "Is this real TV?"

Seacrest: "This is it."

Perry [laughing]: "OK, are we professionals?"