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Douchebag Tom: Lt. General Tom McInerney

Gina Haspel's history of​ overseeing enhanced interrogation techniques (or "torture," as they're colloquially known) loomed dark over her confirmation hearings for CIA director. Sen. John McCain, who experienced the horror of torture firsthand, opposed her nomination. This made pundits angry.

Tom McInerney Fox Business

Taking the lowest possible road, retired Air Force Lieutenant General Tom McInerney attacked McCain personally on Fox Business Network. "The fact is, [torture] worked on John," McInerney said. "That's why they called him Songbird John." 

​Although bashing McCain is becoming increasingly fashionable on the right, this particularly revolting example at least had what one might call a happy ending: ​Fox announced that McInerney's comments have disqualified him from ever coming on the network again.

Keep your shirt on: Letitia Chai

Chai in class, unclothed.

It started when a professor at Cornell remarked on the skimpiness of Ms. Chai's shorts. It ended in a classroom full of half-naked students. 

Driven by a sense of justice and a desire to flout social constraints (like work-appropriate attire), Chai decided to present her entire thesis wearing nothing but undergarments. Oh well. 

Being raised on the values of uncompromising intersectionality (her mom is a​ "Feminist, Gender Studies Professor," after all!), it didn't do for Ms. Chai to focus merely on the puritanical aspects of her professor's comments. In Chai's mind, this seemed to have something to do with race. In recounting the incident, she described her professor as "a white woman," and herself as "Asian."

Actually, she described herself as "more than Asian." (One-dimensionality is for enemies only.)

Meanwhile, we're left to puzzle how exactly race fits into this plot. And how stripping in front of a classroom of 20-year-olds can pass as sticking it to the patriarchy. 

Triggered: Oliver North

Speaking of snowflakes...

The National Rifle Association is easily one of the largest clusters of fragile souls in America. On Wednesday, the group's new director Oliver North whinged to The Washington Times about the gun control momentum galvanized by survivors of the Parkland, Florida high school shooting. Legally-speaking, the momentum has been far from fruitful, but the Parkland kids did persuade a few companies to ​divest themselves from the NRA. Also, North's backyard got vandalized once.

​Heated protest? Activism gone a bit far? No, said North. 
​This is "civil terrorism." 

And to prove that he has indeed lost all perspective, the head of America's firearm lobby -- an effective, formidable, and practically untouchable political organization run by people who take pride in toting their guns around in public -- suggested that his group is under a more serious threat than activists of​ the civil rights era.

Oh yeah. He did.