Ricky Gervais took a shot at policers of cultural appropriation Sunday on Twitter. 

WHAT: In the tweet, he recalled at time when "assimilating things from other cultures was the opposite of racist" -- apparently suggesting such acts are now considered racist.

WHY: The post, which got more than 54,000 likes and 12,000 retweets, kicked off a lively debate about the issue, which has lately made headlines, including over criticism of "The Simpsons" character Apu and a high school girl who ​posted a photo to social media of herself wearing a Chinese dress to prom. 

Gervais, a sometimes politically incorrect comedian and actor, responded to a commenter who wrote, "says the white man," by claiming to "identify as black."

He agreed with those who argued for distinguishing between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation and with someone who said concerns about cultural appropriation were an example of "the left turning on themselves."

"I've noticed the new breed it [sic] really aggressive, intolerant and authoritarian," Gervais