"Ma'am you're watching too much movies. We'll show you the warrant when we're done."

What: ICE officers in National City, California used a crowbar to break into the home of Brianna Alonso on Tuesday in an attempt to arrest her husband, Alberto. Refusing to present a warrant, they barged into the house, shouting and brandishing their ​guns, and arrested Alberto, in front of his wife, 5 children, and two extended family members.

Why: ICE raids have expanded during the Trump administration, and ​reports of warrantless arrests are on the rise.

On the other hand: ​ABC 10 News, who reported the story, said that according to the "No-Knock Rule," law enforcement officers are allowed to enter a premises before showing the warrant if they have probable cause to think the suspect will escape. Alberto, who has a domestic abuse conviction, had been deported twice already and reentered the US illegally.


Demanding to see the warrant​:

ICE agent: We have a warrant!

Alonso's 11-year-old daughter, while filming ICE breaking into her house on her phone: We have to see the warrant!

ICE Agent: Ma'am you're watching too much movies, we'll show you the warrant when we're done.

Alonso: No! No! Let's see it!