A Detroit radio station is boycotting Kanye West's music after the rapper said in a TMZ interview that slavery was "a choice."

The TMZ interview. "When you hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years? That sounds like a choice," West said during a TMZ interview on Tuesday. This comment incited immediate ​outrage.

Boycott. Detroit's 105.1 "The Bounce" station ​announced Thursday they "will be pulling Kayne West songs off the airwaves" in response to user feedback.

The Bounce's decision is the first of its kind, but other brands have been called upon to dissociate themselves from West. Adidas -- who manages West's decorated Yeezy clothing brand -- has been petitioned to part ways with the rapper.

The past weeks. West has made a lot of noise after voicing support for Donald Trump, and even wearing a Make America Great Again hat..


TMZ producer Van Lathan ​called out Kanye West's "lack of thought" minutes after the controversial remark, and said he won't be listening to West's ​upcoming June album.

Esquire editor Dave Holmes identified boycott as the proper response.

Rapper Malikai asked liberals whether plan on boycotting West and wife Kim Kardashian like they did H&M after the clothing chain released ​racist hoodie ads, "or is White Supremacist with black skin off limits?" 

But other opportunities are coming West's way. The door is open for him to join the Breitbart writing staff, or ​go on InfoWars... If, that is, he isn't busy ​campaigning for the 2020 President presidency