When former Vice President Joe Biden ​recently said he would have "beat the hell out of" President Trump if they'd attended high school together, it stirred a primitive interest in many people. 

Who would win if Biden and Trump ever rumbled? Well, now a professional has weighed in.

Joey Oddessa is a highly regarded figure in the world of sports betting.  Respected for his veteran expertise in the fight prediction game, Oddessa is normally calling the odds for the biggest mixed martial arts and boxing fights of the day. Thanks to Biden and Trump's feud, he's putting his skills to work in a realm that's even more ruthless than combat sports: Politics.

In a recent ​press release, Oddessa announced hypothetical odds on the Trump-Biden clash. He pegs Trump as a -185 favorite to Biden's +165 underdog and said that the President would put the former Delaware senator "down fast and hard.”

Oddessa clearly put some thought into his assessment:

  • Mentality: “I like his confidence. He really believes he would put Joe on his ass if they laced them up,”​ Oddessa said.

  • Size: “Trump’s the bigger guy at 6-foot-3 and 235 pounds."

  • Razor-thin margin: Oddessa said he picks Trump "but not by much” and cites Biden's experience as a former college football and baseball player.

  • Ultimately the weight class disadvantage just might be too much too overcome: "Biden’s all of a buck eighty in clothes," Odessa said.

What's the appropriate reaction to the entire Biden-Trump affair? Amusement, horror, melancholy resignation?


It's easy to be cynical about the state of politics and media these days. And the Trump-Biden tiff certainly isn't helping.

The ugly business of politics gets increasingly dirtier and uncivil. Politicians' verbal haymakers and below the belt snipes are more frequent and nastier. Are we hurtling toward a completely degraded media environment where vicious rhetorical jabs become physical ones?

We're not that far off. Pretty soon, politicians might be engaging in Thunderdome style brawls instead of debates.

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Two ideologies enter. One politician leaves.

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