Are you ready to (g)rumble? For podcast addicts, there's probably no sport event more highly anticipated than the upcoming Sam Harris--Jordan Peterson debate. And to make things better, on Monday we learned that the referee will be none other than Bret Weinstein. 

Peterson and Harris, two public intellectuals with a massive following, have already debated each other twice on Harris' Waking Up podcast. Despite their agreement on a number of issues (free speech, to name an obvious one), the two were unable to move past some of their fundamental disagreements.

How fundamental? Their first talk -- over 2-hour long -- didn't really get beyond a mostly-semantic squabble over the definition of the word "truth."

Clearly, if Pangburn Philosophy, who will host the event in Vancouver on June 24, hopes to keep the conversation going, it's going to need a good moderator. 

Enter Evergreen College legend, evolutionary theorist Bret Weinstein!

Will Weinstein be able to eke some insight out of this months-long intellectual animosity? Perhaps shepherd Harris and Peterson towards some common? We can only hope.

But until June, there's plenty of time to re-listen to the original debate and remember the distinct pleasure of banging your head against a wall.