"Why can’t you be the egg, Kellyanne?"

What: "Morning Joe" co-host ​Mika Brzezinski caused a stir after she on Tuesday challenged White House adviser Kellyanne Conway to share her sexual assault story.

The MSNBC anchor was responding to Conway's comments about Christine Blasey Ford being treated like a "Fabergé egg” since coming forward with allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

"[Blasey Ford] has been treated like a Faberge egg by all of us, beginning with me and the president," Conway said on air, days after revealing she was also a victim of sexual assault.

Brzezinski, a survivor of sexual assault herself, took issue with Conway's refusal to elaborate on her story while simultaneously claiming that victims of abuse are treated delicately.

“So, tell us your story. Who is your attacker? Who broke the law? Who hurt you? You seemed really uncomfortable when you let that slip out. Your voice got small, your voice cracked, you had to clear your throat. You were really uncomfortable just saying ‘I am a victim of sexual assault.’ And I say that as a victim of sexual assault myself," Brzezinski, continued.

“So I want to ask, why can’t you be the egg, Kellyanne, the Fabergé egg and tell your story? Because you say women should be heard. You talk out of both sides of your mouth. You say that women should be heard, their stories are believable or credible and understanding and compelling. Well, let’s hear yours. It’s very convenient to drop that, but I want to know your story. I want to know what happened. You should have justice, shouldn’t you?"

Brzezinski went on to suggest Conway was using the victim label as a tool to defend President Donald  Trump.

"You can’t just throw that out as a political dagger to protect this reprehensible predator of a president, and make an announcement that you’re the victim of sexual assault which, therefore, for some reason makes everybody not ask you about it,” she said. 

“You have such great, tight, little points that you want to throw out there. This one is not going to fly. You can’t use being a victim of sexual assault, throw it out there, and then literally dirty, sully the name of someone who has stepped in front of the cameras before the United States of America and told her story."

Brzezinski's words were met with outrage, including from journalist Greta Van Susteren, who on Wednesday called them "terrible."

Conservative CNN anchor S.E. Cupp on Wednesday accused Brzezinski of having "bullied" Conway.

Brzezinski fired back at both female colleagues, saying she was simply pointing out Conway's "hypocrisy."

She blamed "low grade websites" for "manipulating the truth."

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Thursday asked whether it was fair for Brzezinski to ask Conway to share her story of assault, tweeting: "Should an alleged victim be forced to come forward?"

Brzezinski demanded an apology and accused Cuomo of offending her as a "competitor, a woman and as a victim of a violent sexual assault," as ​reported Thursday by Variety. 

Following Brezinski's protestations, Van Susteren admitted she had not watched the entire clip of her comments, and Cuomo deleted his tweet.

But Cupp refused to back down, declaring "there's NO shame in my game."

Why: Liberals have been the primary champions of #MeToo, and conservatives have sometimes accused them of exploiting the campaign for political gain. 

The comments by Brzezinski, an outspoken liberal and cheerleader for women's rights, saw that dynamic reversed. 

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