"They were just pretty clever and out-dodged them."

Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Tuesday praised President Donald Trump as "pretty clever" for his schemes to take advantage of and defraud US tax authorities. 

Trump's machinations to dodge taxes on at least $413 million he received from his father over the years had been ​revealed in the morning by a bombshell report in The New York Times.

​According to ​Media Matters, Fox News largely ignored the story or characterized it as a political hit job on the president. Some commentators attempted to reframe the misdeeds as proof of Trump's financial and legal prowess.

Cavuto said of the Trump family: "They were just pretty clever and out-dodged" the IRS. 

As is often the case, one exception to Fox News' fawning Trump coverage was Shep Smith, who called The Times report "exhaustive."

The general tone at the channel was in keeping with Trump's past defense of his exploitation of tax law. During a 2016 ​presidential debate, Trump responded to Hillary Clinton's assertion that he hadn't paid any income tax by bragging: "That makes me smart."

Be that as it may, New York state tax authorities have ​opened an investigation into the new allegations.

Adam Johnson is an editorial intern at Pluralist.

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