"Third Gender? Male, Female and Democrat?"

New Yorkers will soon be allowed to identify their gender as "non-binary" on their birth certificates, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Tuesday. 

During a public hearing on the matter, the Democratic mayor said he would sign the bill "in the coming days," the ​New York Post reported on Tuesday. 

Individuals who don't identify as male or female will be able to select the non-binary "X" option on their birth certificates when the policy comes into action next January.

The legislation proposed by Council Speaker Corey Johnson was approved last month after a 41-6 vote. The bill also states that transgenders born in New York will no longer need a physician's note to change the gender on their birth certificates.

“It is so important that we act because of the absence of options at the state and federal levels,” de Blasio said of the change. “So much of the documentation that we depend on in our everyday lives comes from the state and federal government.”

New York joins states like Washington, Oregon, New Jersey and California which already offer a non-binary gender option on birth certificates.

Staying true to traditional values, conservatives did not take news of the expected change well and rejected the idea of a third gender.

Some used the bill to express transphobic sentiments. 

But many moderates saw the bill's acknowledgment of a non-binary gender as offensive to everyone, even transgenders. 

But for transgender activist Cecilia Gentile, the bill is a step forward for transgender rights.

“This new law gives power back to the transgender community to make their own changes as they know themselves best,” she said at the hearing on Tuesday.

Germania is a staff writer at Pluralist.

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