“I think she’s a monster.”

​Fox News host Laura Ingraham's brother runs a Twitter account devoted exclusively to commenting on what he sees as his sister's misbehavior.  

Curtis Ingraham has been criticizing Laura Ingraham -- who is a prominent cheerleader of President Donald Trump and right-wing nationalist politics -- for months. But aside from a few hundred Twitter followers, few people were aware of his commentary until The Daily Beast ​reported on it Wednesday. 

In the hours since the article was published, Ingraham's Twitter reach has expanded to more than 5,000 users. 

Ingraham appears to have joined Twitter in March, when he used the platform to apologize to LeBron James for his sister's comment that the NBA superstar should "shut up and dribble' rather than criticize Trump. He explained that they had been raised by an "abusive father who was a Nazi sympathizer, racist, anti-Semite and homophobe."

Since then, Ingraham has repeatedly called out his sister for what he sees as her history of bigoted behavior. 

Last month, he accused her of "hypocrisy" for warning on air that "demographic changes" due to immigration were rendering parts of America unrecognizable. He said that their grandparents were Polish immigrants and noted that she adopted immigrant children. 

Ingraham has consistently aligned with Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg in his ​activism against Laura Ingraham and her talk news show, "The Ingraham Angle."

And he has ​voiced support for allegations that Laura Ingraham bullied gay students as editor of the Dartmotuth Review. Earlier this month, he level accusations of his own, saying that "her racist comments" date back to her freshman year of college, when he said she would mock her black college classmate by speaking “jive.”

In an interview for The Daily Beast article, Curtis Ingraham continued to condemn his sister, repeatedly saying, "I think she's a monster."

He said she has a "destructive personality" and a heart that is "just kind of dead." While he and she were once close, he said, they grew estranged as she became more religious and disapproving of him being gay.

“That’s what I’m trying to unveil here, the hypocrisy," he said. "‘Family’s first, I know about gay rights, my brother is gay.’ It’s all a sham.” 

Asked for comment, Laura Ingraham told The Daily Beast: “My siblings and I are shocked and saddened to learn of these false and hurtful online postings Although we’ve been estranged from him for many years, we love our brother and miss him very much.”

Ingraham is not the first prominent Trump supporter to face familial resistance to her politics. 

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway’s husband, veteran Republican operative George Conway, has often ​tweeted critically about the Trump administrationRepublican Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s son last month ​accused his father of “political grandstanding,” and donated thousands of dollars to the Democratic running to replace him. And White House adviser Stephen Miller, a key architect of Trump's hardline immigration regime, was last month publicly ​condemned by his uncle. 

Miller's childhood rabbi piled on in a Jewish New Year's sermon Monday, accusing the former bar mitzvah boy of having "set back the Jewish contribution to making the world spiritually whole."