​"JT and I bleached our hair to stand in solidarity with the coral."

What: The Party Bros, a comedic duo who portray two archetypically spaced out surfer friends, appeared on Fox News' "Watters World" over the weekend to discuss the threat of coral bleaching caused by the ocean being "so hot."

Chad Kroeger and JT explained to Fox News host Jesse Waters how they'd bleached their hair blonde to protest the (​very real) environmental calamity.

"It's come to our attention that the coral in the ocean is bleaching itself because it's so stressed because the ocean's so hot," Kroeger explained. "And it's actually not cool when it bleaches itself. It makes it super susceptible to mortality."

"JT and I bleached our hair to stand in solidarity with the coral," he added. 

The Party Bros expressed their desire for others to follow their lead, similar to the ​Ice Bucket Challen​ge social media phenomenon that caught fire around 2015 to promote awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. 

"People out there -- If you want to help coral, bleach your hair like Chad and I and, like, what up," JT urged.

Why: The Party Bros history of pushing for facetiously ​activist causes made them great fodder for Watters, whose favorite pastime is exposing the ​naïveté of ​"social justice warriors."