"We have reached peak snowflake."

​David and Victoria Beckham were dragged into the gun debate last week after a photo in British Vogue showing their children playing with water blasters triggered some on the left.

The family was featured in the cover of the October issue of the magazine, in which Victoria opened up about divorce rumors, her career, and parenting.

But it was a single photo that garnered much of the attention: A shot of their kids -- Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper -- having a water-gun fight, playfully pointing the toys at each other while their parents luxuriate on the grass.

Although gun violence is not the hot-button issue in the UK, where gun control is extremely tight, as it is in the United States, many on social media still felt offended.

“Use of guns is utterly tasteless,” said one ​Instagram user.

"The use of any type of gun is tragic. Disappointed," added ​another.

"No guns please," complained yet another. "Even play guns."

But those who took issue with the toy-guns faced backlash themselves.

Most commenters praised the Beckhams, some calling them "family goals" and dismissing criticism of the photo as a ridiculous case of snowflake culture.

British commenters also noted that only Americans, who encounter stories of rampant gun violence on a tragically regular basis, could be find the photo in any way offensive.

"We have reached peak snowflake," one responder fired back on Instagram, according to HuffPost. "All you utter pathetic losers criticizing cos the kids are using water guns. OMG get over yourselves you losers; water guns are used by kids in the summer universally. They’re having fun. There’s no gun shootings in the UK cos they actually have proper laws. You’re pathetic."

Some have observed that this faux-outrage might be sign of the singularity.

Others mocked the panic by proposing new water-gun control.

Even self-identified liberals said the anger was unnecessary.

Still, some users sought to bring perspective to the conversation: 

"Beyond the water guns... Does 'Posh' ever crack a smile?? Really! every photo I see of her has the same sad dour semi smirk. Lighten up!! Crack a smile, I promise, it doesn't hurt!!" one commenter wrote.

Germania is a staff writer for Pluralist.