"We've got too much soap opera in American politics."

Watch: Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska said Sunday that he often considers leaving the Republican Party. 

Speaking with ​Chuck Todd on NBC's "Meet the Press," Sasse said that neither Republicans nor Democrats have “a future for the country” and that both parties are primarily focused on thwarting each other.

“The main thing the Democrats are for is being anti-Republican and anti-Trump," he said. “The main thing the Republicans are for is being anti-Democrat.”

Asked how often he mulls leaving the Republican Party, Sasse said "every day." He said that the GOP today bears little resemblance to the “party of Lincoln and Reagan."

Sasse's comments came a day after he agreed with a Democrat on Twitter who suggested that voters cutting ties with the major political parties could be "part of the solution"

Why: Sasse is among a handful of prominent Republicans who have ​opposed some of President Donald Trump's policies and rhetoric. 

He is one of the few Republican Trump critics who is not retiring at the end of the current congressional term, though he does not have to face reelection until 2020.

However, according to FiveThirtyEight, Sasse has voted in line with Trump's agenda nearly 87 percent of the time.

With Americans more ​politically polarized than ever, Sasse's voting record has done little to shield him from the wrath Trump supporters, who now make up about 90 percent of the Republican Party, ​according to polls. 

At the same time, Democrats have been less than impressed with his rhetorical resistance of the president, and that sentiment was on display Sunday on Twitter.

Some similarly questioned Sasse's seriousness about cutting ties with the Republicans.

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