"The policing of women's bodies must end."

What: The US Open has been accused of sexism after a female player was penalized Tuesday for briefly removing her shirt during a match. 

Alize Cornet, the world's 31st-ranked professional female player, returned to the court from a "heat break" in the locker room with a new shirt on backward. When she realized her mistake, she turned away from the cameras and righted the situation. The back of her sports bra and torso were displayed to the world for less than 15 second.

But that was enough to earn a penalty from umpire Christian Rask at the US Open in New York City. 

The Women's Tennis Association prohibits women from change their clothing while on the court. Male players, on the other hand, regularly yank off their shirts in public during matches, and many appeared bare-chested courtside at heat-wave the US Open this week. 

Fans and other commenters were quick to call out the double standard. Some connected Cornet's penalization to last week's news that Serena Williams will no longer be able to wear her form-fitting catsuit in the tournament.

Why: Professional tennis is the latest institution to seen women demand increased recognition of their interests, including a record number of female candidates vying for elected office. 

Such efforts have already yielded successes, such as increased awareness of sexual assault and harassment. However, some people have worried aloud that masculinity itself is under attack.