"I'm a pretty girl. Don't make me go in there."

What: A young woman, pulled over by police for drunk driving, pleaded to the cop not to arrest her because she's an educated "pretty girl" and "white."

Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw, 32, was arrested in South Carolina on Saturday for drunk driving and running a stop sign at 60 MPH, according to police.

A partial dashcam footage of the arrest, obtained by Daily Mail, shows her sobbing before the arresting officer, begging him not to send her to prison because of her impressive background and convenient genes.

"Please, I don't want to know what it's like," she cries in the patrol car. "I'm a pretty girl. Don't make me go in there." 

Cutshaw -- who, according to her LinkedIn, currently works as a real estate agent --  tried to use her history as a sorority member, dancer, and cheerleader at a top university to resolve the situation. 

Police say her blood-alcohol level was recorded at .18 percent. 

In the arrest report, Cutshaw is noted to have referred to herself as "thoroughbred" and a "white, clean girl." Doing her best to play coy under the influence, she told the officer during interrogation, "You're a cop, you should know what that means," and "you should know based on the people that come in this room."

Why: Cutshaw's attempt to avoid justice on the basis of her skin complexion and education level relates to a wide perception that certain strata in American ​society get to indulge in petty crime with impunity. Her arresting officers, however, did not share that perception.


From the back of the police car, Cutshaw argued her case: "I've never been arrested. Can't you see that in your system?"

To further her case, she expounded on her education: "I graduated from a really good university. I was almost the valedictorian...I went to a good school. I graduated with 3.8 in my high school and got a scholarship to my college."

She was afraid of what might happen to her in prison: "Don't take me to jail, please. I don't want to know what it's like. I'm a pretty girl, please don't make me go in there."