"We were told we were going to receive physical abuse."

What: A butcher at a British market recently got fed up with vegan activists demonstrating outside his stall and began dispersing them with cuts of meat. 

A video shot by one of the activists, Ginette Lindstromon, on July 28 in the Leeds Kirkgate Market shows the man waving the meat in their faces. His fellow butchers shout "idiots," "get out!" and "get a job!"

Eventually, security shows up and forces the protestors to leave.


Lindstorm told the Daily Mail that animal parts were forced into her face and even the mouth of another protester. She called the butchers' behavior "abuse."

"Everyone was attacked verbally, progressing onto very violent verbal threats, we were told we were going to receive physical abuse if we did not move or stop recording and that our equipment would be smashed," she said. 

She added: "I had water thrown at me along with the other protesters from the guys who owned the vegetable stall opposite the butchers. My phone got soaked among other things."

Why: Animal rights activists have beef with the mistreatment of animals that occurs in many industries. But they sometimes take their ​advocacy too far for some. 

Last month, actress Natalie Portman faced some backlash for staring in a PETA video comparing the treatment of animals to the Holocaust. And earlier this week, many felt Instagram users got carried away when they compared actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's family visit to an aquarium with the slave trade.

The brouhaha in Britain was not the first time butchers have stepped up to push back. In March, a Toronto restauranteur was caught on video carefully carving up a deer leg in front of activists holding a "Meat Is Murder" banner outside. According to reports, he later returned to the window to enjoy his meal.