​"This survey is a travesty that lacks transparency and credibility."

What: Professor and American Enterprise Institute scholar Christina Hoff Sommers​ critiqued a Thomson Reuters survey released in June that ranked the US among the ten most dangerous countries in the world during a segment for her video log Wednesday. 

Speaking on the latest episode of ​her "Factual Feminist" program, Sommers was perplexed over how the US could be considered one of the worst countries for women.​

"The United States is far from perfect but it's not among the World's most dangerous countries, not even close," she said. 

Sommers pointed out statistics that appeared to contradict the survey's core assertions. Unlike several other countries, she explained, the US doesn't allow rapists to avoid legal punishment by marrying their victims. 

"By any reasonable measure, American women are among the safest, freest, healthiest, best educated, and opportunity rich women in the world," she said. "Why pretend otherwise?"


Why: Reuters ​published a survey in June that ranked the US as the third worst country for sexual violence and tenth worst country for women overall.

The US was the only Western country on the list, which was topped by India, Afghanistan, and Syria. Reuters asked nearly 550 experts on women's issues and credited the results to the rise of the #MeToo movement. ​

When the survey was initially released, Sommers took issue with its methodology. She found Reuters' response to her query about the survey's methods unsatisfactory. 

Specifically, Sommers attacked the use of respondents' "perceptions" instead of hard data to judge the threat level a particular country poses toward women. Sommers also criticized Reuters' vague description of its "experts."  

She condemned numerous mainstream ​outlets for sharing the survey's results without questioning how it reached its conclusions.

"This survey is a travesty that lacks transparency and credibility," she said. "It conveys misinformation which only encourages cynicism about journalism and fuels charges of fake news."