"There are enough Jewish women, and enough lesbians, that they should have been able to find a Jewish lesbian to play Batwoman."

Actress Ruby Rose was revealed Tuesday to have been cast as a  lesbian Batwoman in an upcoming CW television series, but some liberals were not satisfied.

The character -- based on a comic book version of Batwoman, whose real name is Kate Kane -- will be the first openly gay TV superhero lead. Kane is a lesbian Jewish street fighter who must fight her own demons along with the enemies of social justice. 

The role of a dark and brooding gay superhero would not seem to be much of a stretch for Rose. She has in the past said she is lesbian and genderqueer, in the sense that she would prefer to be a man. She is also a victim of childhood sexual abuse and suffers from mental disorders. 

A fair number of social media users were impressed with the similarities, and praised the CW for its casting choice. 

However, many liberals thought the CW should have gone further. Some wondered why Batwoman still had to be white. 

Others were upset that Rose is not Jewish like the character. 

Really, numerous people made the point.

The negative liberal reaction left some in disbelief. 

Meanwhile, conservative commentator Carmine Sabia caused a stir by complaining that white, male characters are no longer allowed on film. 

The Twitter brouhaha was part of a larger national debate that has intermittently raged of late over race, sex, power, and cultural representation. 

An ascendant progressive contingent has loudly condemned the representation of people and cultures seen as disempowered by those seen as powerful. Actress Scarlett Johansson last month ​pulled out of a movie that would have had her starring as a transgender man, in response to complaints that she could not do the character justice and was taking work that rightfully belonged to a trans actress. 

On the other hand, The New York Times' hiring of Sarah Jeong last week despite her history of bigoted tweets about white people has ​infuriated many conservatives. Critics of the move have complained that as an Asian-American Jeong is being treated with excessive sympathy, whereas a white person would be pilloried for much less. 

For her part, Rose said in an Instagram post Tuesday that she was "beyond thrilled and honored" to be playing the new Batwoman. She said she "would have died" to see such a character on TV when she was "a young member of the LGBT community."

Rose did not directly address the controversy over her casting. Nor did she mention that also unlike Kane, she is Australian and vegan.