"So as an act of compassion, justice and (dare we say) feminism, we’re ditching the byproduct of a hens menstruation."

A California coffee shop earlier this month announced it had stopped using eggs in "feminist" solidarity with chickens.

Rooted Coffee Co., a now-vegan purveyor of coffee and baked goods, announced the move on July 13 via social media. The company said it had been moved to act against eggs after learning "some disgusting truths" about the industry. 

"So as an act of compassion, justice and (dare we say) feminism, we’re ditching the byproduct of a hens menstruation," Rooted said. "An egg belongs to the hen who made it. She worked really hard to make it. We didn’t."

Rooted, which is run by a husband-wife duo based in a tent at the Walnut Creek Farmers' Market in the Bay Area, said that hens talk to their unborn babies and "develop complex social structures and maintain close relationships with friends and family, not unlike humans."

As the company noted elsewhere in the announcement, the eggs people eat are unfertilized. So the mention of the hen-in utero chick relationship seemed to be another argument for chickens' humanity, not a claim that "eggs are murder."

The idea that ​dairy is anti-feminist is part of a radical ​agenda that seeks to move beyond the "intersectionality" of all social justice causes and extend human rights to animals.

Rooted said that from its founding in 2013 it has used "exclusively free range, organic, pasture raised eggs," but was now called to a higher moral standard whatever the costs. 

"Whether it’s ethical clothing, organic beauty products, recycling, or where our food comes from, we find it inspiring when people live out their convictions passionately and kindly, even though it means we are challenged to examine our choices, which is inconvenient and often painful," Rooted said. 

Having given up cow's milk in January, the company also is also committed to being gluten-free and serving "fair trade" and locally roasted coffee beans in compostable, petroleum-free cups.

Despite its self-imposed limitations, Rooted promised customers its best-selling menu item, the Cashew Waffle, would still somehow be "undetectably plant based & gluten free."