"He is going to defecate all over everything, squawk and fly away."

What: Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt said Tuesday that Republicans stand no chance of controlling President Donald Trump's ​diplomacy in Europe this week. 

In an appearance on his network, he told anchor Shannon Bream that Trump is "going to fly into Brussels like a seagull."

"He is going to defecate all over everything, squawk and fly away is what he's going to do in Brussels. and the Europeans are going to continue to say to each other: 'We don't have a reliable partner in the US government right now."

Stirewalt said that Republican senators "will not stop Donald Trump from undermining NATO" or prevent him "from realigning US foreign policy to be more favorable towards Russia."

“He is going to do it,” Stirewalt predicted, saying the only question is whether the effects will be temporary or lasting. 

Why: Trump will meet with North American Treaty Organization leaders in summit in Brussels Wednesday. 

The president has ​ratcheted up tensions with US allies over longstanding trade and security arrangements. At a contentious G7 summit last month, Trump reportedly called NATO worse than the North American Free Trade Agreement, which he has often disparaged.  

Trump's skepticism about international alliances, and particularly NATO, are music to the ears of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom Trump is slated to meet with on July 16 in Helsinki, Finland. 

Trump has previously lauded Putin's leadership and been reluctant to criticize Russia's bloody domestic repression, support for violence in Ukraine and Syria, occupation of Crimea, and meddling in democracies, including the 2016 elections.

He has also called for Russia to be readmitted to the G7 and reportedly said Crimea is Russian because everyone who lives there speaks Russian. He has even shown interest in ceding control of Syria to Russia. 

On the other hand: Some have ​argued that the import of Trump's rhetoric gets overblown, and he is actually presiding over an inevitable alignment of the world order. In practice, it has been noted, the Trump administration has taken a relatively hardline on Russia thus far, arming Ukrainian rebels and sanctioning Russia.