"I’ve seen like...all the Disney movies"

Model Chrissy Teigen has seen pretty much seen all the Disney movies, and the princesses never talk about guns or abortion.

In a ​characteristically effective Twitter takedown of conservative trolling Tuesday night, Teigen tweeted that the princesses are usually "just pretty mellow, singing and animals and stuff."

​​Teigen was responding to a tweet by right-wing reporter Ashton Whitty that calls for Disney princesses who are anti-abortion, pro-gun rights, and pro-free speech. The post was part of a series that documented Whitty's visit to Disneyland while wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat. 

It was not the first time Whitty had been heaped with shade on Twitter. In May, a Bernie Sanders supporting actress retweeted a video of Whitty trying to make her look stupid in a street interview for right-wing conspiracy monger InfoWars. The video went viral, with the consensus being that Whitty was the one who got "pwned" in the exchange

To be fair, Disney princesses have been part of the "​culture wars" for a while now, and Whitty's complaint that they have become avatars for progressive values is hardly new. In March, Donald Trump Jr. called for the princesses to stop subjecting kids to "never ending identity politics."

On the other side, a Pennsylvania branch of Planned Parenthood tweeted at the time that Disney should introduce princesses who had had an abortion, support abortion rights, and are undocumented immigrants, unions workers, and transgender. 


 In an era of ​corporate social advocacy, "singing and animals and stuff" is apparently controversial.