​"Oh man, the Democrats really suck."

The official Twitter account for the Democratic party shared a link to one of their articles on Monday erroneously identifying federal judge Thomas Hardiman as President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The link sent readers to an anti-Kavanaugh Medium article posted by "the official Medium account of the Democratic Party."

The article's cover image, which has since been correctly replaced by the ​Democ​ratic Party, was mocked on ​Twitter by Brent Scher, staff writer at The Washington Free Beacon.

​​"Oh man, the Democrats really suck," Scher said.

Hardiman was the ​runner-up to Trump's first ​SCOTUS nomination, Justice Neil Gorsuch, and was on Trump's list for ​potential SCOTUS replacements to fill the void of Justice Anthony Kennedy.

However, it was Kavanaugh, who served 12 years on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, who ​received the president's nomination on Monday night.

The Democrats' account later shared a link that replaced the image of Hardiman with an eerie photo of Kavanaugh.

To be fair: Some users tried to cut the Democratic Party's Twitter account some slack. 

"As much as I laughed, this is a simple mistake to make," User @AdrienneRoyer ​suggested. "They probably had artwork ready for all 4 potential nominees."