"That's the first time I ever signed a waterboard."

What: Former ​Vice President Dick Cheney signed a waterboarding kit in a teaser released Sunday for comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's new TV show.

In the video, Cohen is heard off-screen asking Cheney if he will sign the kit. The hawkish Republican obliges with a smile. 

"That's the first time I ever signed a waterboard," Cheney says. 

Why: Cheney has said he "signed off" on the use of torture in President George W. Bush's War on Terror and has remained an unapologetic supporter of waterboarding. 

Showtime announced Monday that Cohen -- who is famous for pranking real people on camera as invented characters, like Borat, Ali G, and Bruno -- had been secretly filming a TV show titled "Who Is America?" to premier July 14.

The seven-episode series will follow Cohen as an undercover journalist who will “explore the diverse individuals, from the infamous to the unknown across the ​political and ​cultural spectrum, who populate our unique nation,” according to the show's description. 

Speculation grew about the show grew after Cohen ​posted a doctored video on July Fourth of President Donald Trump ripping the comedian as unfunny. 

Drudge Report founding editor Matt Drudge warned his Twitter followers on Monday that Cohen is "at it again" and nobody is safe.

Political comedy is ​having ​something of a heyday in the Trump era.