"Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those doing it."

Ahead of President Donald Trump’s Tuesday meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un,  his daughter Ivanka Trump was mocked for tweeting a fake Chinese proverb on Monday. 

The quote, which is still pinned to the top of Trump’s Twitter profile, was attributed to a Chinese proverb, yet the social media reaction from China suggested the Chinese themselves were unaware of the quote's origin. Shanghaiist, a Shanghai media outlet, noted that the quote first emerged in a 1903 Chicago-based magazine, and was not, in fact, Chinese in origin. 

The tweet was meant to showcase her support for her father and his administration ahead of the historic Trump-Kim Summit. 

The reaction was probably not what she intended: Trump's tweet was widely mocked on social media

Some Twitter users responded by creating fake Chinese proverbs of their own. 

Others used the opportunity to  criticize the administration. 


​​On the other hand: Trump's supporters leaned into the quote, and used it to mock anyone criticizing the summit in the first place.