"I don't respect a porn star the way I respect a career woman, or a woman of substance."

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's lawyer, denigrated Stormy Daniels -- and all sex workers while at it -- in an economic forum in Tel Aviv on Wednesday.

Many sex workers spoke out in response, calling his comments "dangerous and dehumanizing."

Asked during the Globes Capital Market Conference whether Trump respects women, Giuliani answered that the president is a "true gentleman." 

But when asked about Stormy Daniels, former New York mayor created an exception, saying that "porn stars desecrate women" and implied that they do not deserve quite the same amount of respect.

"Very, very credible source," Giuliani said sarcastically. "Stormy -- Stormy the porn star. You know every porn person can't be a star."

Referring to the adult actress' lawsuit against Trump, Giuliani implied that Daniels' look and profession are sufficient cause for dismissing her credibility.

"I don't believe her!" He said. "Sue me, Stormy. I don't believe you." 

"I don't think there's a slight suspicion. [that she and Trump had an affair]," he said before classily adding, his face contorting into a grimace to convey his pall,  "excuse me, when you look at Stormy Daniels..." 

For the record, Giuliani added: "Now, I don't really look at porn. Please get that down, I don't look at porn." (Doth he protest too much?)

When the Israeli reporter asked Giuliani to show "respect" to Daniels, Giuliani veered to comparing the actress to Donald Trump's three "classy" wives.

"Look at his three wives, right?" Giuliani said, indeed epitomizing class. "Beautiful women. Classy women. Women of great substance. Stormy Daniels?" 

Another grimace. 

"I don't respect a porn star the way I respect a career woman, or a woman of substance," he said.

On Thursday, Giuliani was questioned by CNN about his comments. As per usual, he doubled down. "If you're a [feminist] and you support the porn industry, you should turn in your credentials," he said.

​Jenna Torres is a former sex worker and program coordinator for the Red Umbrella Project, a non profit that provides education about sex work in New York City. Talking to ABC on Thursday night, she rebuked Giuliani.

"Sex workers are regular people," she said. "Sex work is not who they are, it's what they do, so their credibility has nothing to do with their industry."

"I love what I do," said Alana Evans, also a sex worker. "I love the empowerment that it gives me, and it does empower me as a person, as a woman."

Kimberly Kane, a successful porn actress, released a statement on Friday condemning Giuliani's comments as "dangerous and dehumanizing to sex workers."

"We are already an extremely marginalized group made up mostly of women, people of color, trans and the disabled, people who are trying to make a living like everyone else," she said.


Daniels' lawyer ​Michael Avenatti, who Giuliani also disparaged by saying that Stormy Daniel has "about the same credibility as her lawyer, who basically got thrown out of the case." Avenatti went on CNN Wednesday night ​to hit back.

"Mr. Giuliani is an absolute pig for making those comments" he told Anderson Cooper.

The next night Avenatti, talking to Wolf Blitzer on CNN's "The Situation Room," reflected that he owes "an apology to the pig for associating Giuliani with a pig." 

"He's basically stating that women that engage in the adult film industry and other forms of pornography don't have reputations and are not entitled to respect," Avenatti said.

Earlier that day, Giuliani's remarks also made MSNBC's Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski lose her cool. 

"You misogynistic fool," Brzezinski snapped Thursday morning. "Are you kidding me? 'Just look at StormyDaniels?'Just look at yourself!"

​​"You are gonna tell to just look at her? Are you out of your mind?" she continued. "You know what, that's your only excuse. And I feel really sorry for you."