About Pluralist

From Capitol Hill to Evergreen college, Pluralist covers the American contest of ideas.

We break down the competing creeds that shape our politics and culture — and help explain what’s at stake.

Forget sides. Our aim is to expand the conversation. Good ideas are worth the risk.


Publishers: Matan Har, Brad Morin 

Managing Editor: Juan Leon 

Juan is Pluralist's managing editor. Born in Lima, Peru, he has previously served as managing editor of the Washington Free Beacon and chief social editor of IJR. He loves freedom and Public Enemy. 

Editor: Adaam James Levin-Areddy 

Adaam James is a Pluralist founding editor. He was part of the editorial/production team on CNN’s Smerconish and was associate producer on Reliable Sources and Fareed Zakaria’s documentary unit. He has contributed to The Huffington Post, the Forward, The Jerusalem Post and Al-Jazeera, and was an editor at Haaretz.com. He has an MA from Columbia University’s School of Journalism and studied Legal History in Jerusalem's Hebrew University. He believes in coffee and cognitive dissonance. 

Editor: Andrew Tobin 

Andrew is a Pluralist founding editor. Based in Israel, he has reported and edited for newspapers including Haaretz, The Times of Israel, JTA and the Forward. He earned master's degrees in investigative journalism and international affairs from Columbia University. 

Senior Contributors: 

Titus Techera is a Publius fellow at the Claremont Institute, a contributor at The Federalist and National Review Online, and the host of the American Cinema Foundation podcasts. 

Brett Forman has worked as a Writer, Copy Editor, Homepage Editor, Weekend Editor and News Editor at International Business Times, and as a freelance copy editor at Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Forbes, among many other print and digital publications.